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Shenzhen city IV Technology Development Company Limited, was established in 2005. Is a professional engaged in security product development, production, sales and security system design, installation of the integrated enterprise. The company focused on the video monitoring system in the matrix, the monitor wall, high-definition network monitoring equipment production and sales; for the majority of users with products from the equipment to the design to installation and commissioning, after sale support services in all directions. The company's own brand " Wei " ( Registration No.: 4851497 ) series of matrix control system and " fine river " rear LCD display wall products on many occasions to participate in "safe city " project construction. In 2011, Wei was authoritative magazine " China Public Security " named "2011 peace city recommended brand ", in 2012 by the Security Pacific network as " 2012 ten major suppliers of quality ". Wei technology through " safe city ", " peace entertainment ", " safe campus" professional solutions and supporting products, by focusing on the personal safety and property safety protect, for the construction of "Green China " and escort.

Companies with strong technical force and high-quality service system, product and project cases throughout the country, have been successfully used in the domestic airport, financial, transportation, prisons and other security monitoring system, as well as public security units, electric power, enterprise of factories and mines, highways, the hospital network expert consultation system, because of its strict production technology and professional services team, in the vast number of customers set a good impression, become the famous brand in security field.

In order to better serve customers, the company also and AD, Samsung, SAFTOP,  JUA, Hai Kang, Dahua, dragon and other security famous brands to establish a long-term strategic cooperation.

Beginning in 2011, the company increased the network HD products R & D and investment, the company launched the 1300000 high-definition network cameras, as well as the number of HD network integrated management platform system, coupled with our ultra narrow large screen split-joint wall, for the general needs of HD monitor user provides a good solution, the user access to praise.

High quality products, affordable prices, professional technology and first-class service is our eternal pursuit. On the opportunities and challenges in the competitive environment, to meet the growing market demand, the only company will always stand in high-tech industry cutting-edge, adhering to the " rational and pragmatic, innovation and development" purposes, with talent as a fundamental, technology-based, market-oriented, to serve as the core, and constantly for customers provide the best quality products and more comprehensive services.

AI only technology, honesty, cooperation and win-win. Welcome to continue with the AI only hand in hand, create a harmonious society, safety world.